What is UHTR?

  • UHTR Resins are siloxane resins for parts requiring service temperatures above 500°F to 1832°F (260°C – 1000°C)
  • UHTR is available as
      • Liquid
        • UHTR-IPA                                                                   65% resin solids in Isopropyl Alcohol, 100 cps @25°C
      • Solid Flake (F)
        • UHTR-F                                                                      Solid Flake resin
      • Solventless (S)
        • UHTR M63-S                                                              Liquid resin, 1100 cps @25°C
        • UHTR 63-S                                                                 Liquid resin, 3200 cps @25°C
        • UHTR 6398-S                                                             Liquid resin, 6500 cps @25°C

What reinforcement material can be used with UHTR?

  • Glass
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Silica/Quartz
  • Basalt

How is UHTR different from other composite resins?

  • UHTR is formulated to be a replacement for current composite resins when the final part requires operating temperature above 500°F to 1832°F (560°C – 1000°C)
  • UHTR does NOT require special training for customers familiar with composite manufacturing

UHTR does NOT require a post-cure to achieve the temperature stability

What manufacturing processes can be used with UHTR?

  • Hand / wet layup
  • Tow winding
  • BMC / SMC
  • Vacuum infusion
  • Pre-pregs

What are the molding guidelines?

Molding parameters will vary departing on part size & geometry, but general guidelines are

  • Fabric/fiber is wet out with UHTR resin
  • Resin-infused fabric is formed into part shape
  • Part is cured at 150°C for 2 hour under pressure
  • Part can be de-molded if final cure temp is too high for mold
  • Temp increased to 225°C for 1 hour while maintaining pressure
  • Mold is removed from oven and allowed to cool

UHTR does NOT require a post-cure to achieve the temperature stability

In what Markets or Applications is UHTR useful

  • Composites & Coatings for Aviation / Aerospace
    • Architectural Applications
    • Composite fire door
    • Composite fire barrier for structural building components
  • Automotive Composites
    • Exhaust
    • Fire wall
    • Valve covers
  • Composite for Marine Applications
  • Foundry / Refractory
  • Coatings for:
    • Stoves
    • Exhausts
    • Furnaces
    • Cookware